Verizon offering 250MB plan for only $45


If you were thinking about making a switch to Verizon and don’t need much data on your plan, the carrier is running a special limited time offer that may interest you. For only $45 per month Verizon is offering a plan that includes 250MB of data to go with unlimited talk and text. According to reports, Verizon is also offering an option to bump the data limit up to 1GB for $60 per month. For comparison, a Share Everything plan from Verizon with 250MB of data would run $60 per month, $40 for the basic line access per device and then $20 for the data package, while a 1GB data plan ends up at $90 per month total. For the 250MB plan, data overages will result in a charge of $15 per 250MB block of additional data. For the 1GB plan, the overage fee is $15 per 500MB block.

It should be noted that these plans are intended for single line customers, so consumers looking for a cheaper solution for a family plan will not benefit. At least for now, as this could be Verizon’s way of starting to test plans with lower fees in response to moves by the competition.

source: Droid Life

  • Stephen Hall

    I cant believe you pay so much for a phone contract in the USA, Vodafone does a sim only 1200 minutes unlimited texts and 750Mb data for £13.60 a month. about $22.50

  • Dee

    Verizon is such a ripoff and they lie. I called customer service and was told they would set me up with a loyalty plan, free phone and everything would be notated in my account, then I get to the store and they have no mention of any of it on file. I even had the persons name and extension and was told to call him if I went into the store and had any problems…. Of course, he couldn’t be reached. Then,when I got to the store,NONE of it was notated like he said. I was told if I left Verizon, he would probably be let go. So unprofessional to try and manipulate me into staying! Then, I was told I’d be back. Not likely was my response!

  • J

    I just called customer service and they told me this is for A BASIC PHONE ONLY. so it’s not this great deal that they make it seem. Like hey you can get this super cheap plan from us using your old clamshell phone from 1999!! Also, I felt like the whole thing was real shady. Like if I had talked to someone else the story would be different. Ridiculous.