Nest CEO Tony Fadell speaks out on privacy concerns after Google acquisition, promises transparency

Nest privacy

A lot of people saw Google’s purchase of Nest, the popular modern thermostat manufacturer, as a sign of some pretty scary things to come.

For example: If you have your (internet-connected) thermostat set to stop heating your home while you’re on vacation, Nest (and now Google) will have access to that information. Imagine if that information was leaked, hacked, or sold to advertisers— do you really want the world knowing when you’re on vacation or out of your home? I certainly don’t.

I’m certainly not an anti-information person (being as I’m a Google fanboy), but I can’t deny that the future is definitely looking to be a much more different and scary place than we could have ever imagined.

Of course with all these rumors regarding the Nest acquisition, Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell made the right move by coming out to talk about privacy policies.

According to Fadell, the company will not be changing anything to its privacy policy opt-in, and any changes will be completely transparent. Any data collected from users will apparently only be used to improve and build upon the company’s home automation products.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what will come in the future from the two highly ambitious companies— they have both already shown us that almost anything is possible.

Source: TheNextWeb

  • crhylove

    Riiiiight. Just like how Google is publicly upset about sharing data with the NSA.