RoboCop official app released and you don’t have to spend a dollar


If you are a fan of RoboCop and you are looking forward to the release of the remake later this year, you will be glad to know an Glu Mobile’s official app has been released in conjunction with the updated movie. The good news is the app is free so you won’t have to spend the oft-quoted dollar to play. However, if you really feel the urge to grab some extra items through in-app purchases you can do so while muttering, “I’d buy that for a dollar.”

The new game places you in the metal exoskeleton of RoboCop as you become the ultimate law enforcement officer for OmniCorp. Just like the original story, not all of the bad guys are street thugs as you will also find yourself in battles with robot enemies like the ED-209. The game includes upgrades to weapons and armor from the stock of OmniCorp and you even have the ability to control drone strikes for maximum damage.

Early reviews indicate the graphics and gameplay are quite good. Below are some screenshots and a short teaser video for the game along with links to the Google Play store if you want to give RoboCop a try.

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Google Play Download Link

  • Van

    This game requires excessive permissions, they just release it for free to advertise the movie and collect personally identifiable information.

    We need to be more careful what information we give out

    Thanks but no thanks