Samsung Unveiling New Android Device November 8th!

Samsung Mobile Event

Samsung is launching a new Android Device on November 8th and you’re all invited! Specifics on what the Android device will be are not given, but the graphics seem to indicate that it will be fairly full of media content, which may indicate this device is the rumored Samsung Continuum. The Continuum is said to have 2 OLED screens where one has been designed to act like a type of “ticker” for scrolling data.

With the hype Samsung is putting into this launch, it may be that they are striving to be the first manufacturer to offer an Android device running Gingerbread, seeing as Google just placed the Gingerbread statue next to their others representing the Android build family of releases.

Regardless, we’ll see what this means to us on November 8th, as well any early tips you’ll find here too.

[via Samsung Mobile Twitter]

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