Samsung releases Sochi Winter Olympic Games app


Samsung released the Sochi 2014 WOW app today in anticipation of next month’s Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Like typical apps released for specific sporting events, Sochi 2014 WOW will let users get information on event schedules, access results, find out more about the athletes and dig into the scores they receive, and even get a quick lesson on each of the events.

The app is supposed to be compatible with all Android device, but a quick check shows it is not compatible with the Nexus 7. Other feedback indicates it may only be compatible with Samsung devices. We would love to hear from you if you have a non-Samsung device and can load the app. If you want to give Sochi 2014 WOW a try, follow one of the download links below to Google Play.

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  • John

    Installs only on Samsung devices.

  • Stefan Markoski

    Sochi is in Russia, not in Japan. Please correct your information.

    • jcauseyfd

      Thanks for spotting that Stefan. Corrected now.

  • Алекс

    “Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Japan.”
    What…the…hell… Winter olympic games in japan? In 2014?:D

    • jcauseyfd

      You didn’t know Japan had taken over Russia? Thanks for catching that – corrected now.