HTC One X and One X+ won’t get any more Android updates


Owners of the HTC One X and One X+ will be disappointed to hear that they won’t be getting any Android updates beyond Android 4.2.2, @LlabTooFer just confirmed it via Twitter.

Many users of the two phones were hoping to be upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat, and will now have to rely on custom ROMs created by independent developers to get the latest software. HTC still might release minor updates, but those will be mostly dedicated to bug fixes rather than software upgrades.

Source: @LlabTooFeR

  • Brian Thorn

    Wow! I was considering the One X a few months ago. I sure am glad I chose a Galaxy S4 instead.

  • Darren Ambridge

    I haven’t even received 4.2 yet as Orange UK/EE seem to have decided not to send it out

  • Mr Angry

    On my third HTC, last one was the One x and still got it ad a spare phone. Use the HTC ONE now, but think it will be the last if HTC are going to withhold updates. My x is under two years old and is going to be their policie on all phone? Really bad show HTC, hope you change your mind before I look at other makers.

  • Ted_kazynski

    Always a bummer when they abandon a device, but Cyanogen Mod currently running 4.4.2 with no bloat on my One X is a great phone. Had to s-off through htc dev site and unlock it. Wasn’t the easiest process, but battery lasts over a day, and it’s as close to stock android I can get. couldn’t be happier.

  • Brett M

    I’m on my 4th HTC device now and this decision means it will be my last. Being an avid HTC fan I am very disappointed with HTC’s decision. I’ll be moving on to Google’s own Nexus now, they will always be guaranteed to get the latest updates!

  • kumar

    Few months back I purchased HTC one x+ it’s really sad to hear that they stopped the updates it’s better to sell this mobile and move in to nexus or Samsung galaxy smartphone HTC disappointed many users and they will lose there users permanently it’s for sure
    F..k the HTC…..