Secretive Google X Labs staff sent to meet the FDA, could mean new device in the works


Google’s top secret “X team” has recently met with members of the United States Food and Drug Administration that handle regulating eye devices and diagnostics for heart conditions. This is some of the same X research team that helped out with the Motorola X, so this could point to some new sensor-type device that focuses on health, or, considering this particular branch of the FDA regulates ocular devices, it could have something to do with Google Glass. Contact lenses for Google Glass, anyone?¬†Both the FDA and Google are pretty tight-lipped about exactly what happens behind closed doors, and most of these meetings are classified as simple meet-and-greets, so there’s not much in the way of details.

Technology plays a major role in medicine, and we’re starting to see some overlap between medicine and consumer devices. It’s still a fairly new field, but we’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff come out of Google’s X Lab, including Google Glass and Project Loon. They aren’t always ideas that pan out and hit mainstream audiences, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is the first of many meetings Google has with groups like the FDA.

source: Bloomberg

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    What about something relating to Calico, the biotech company established by Google?