Modular phone from ZTE makes appearance at CES 2014


With Motorola manufacturing Moto X devices with a wide variety of customer-selected exterior options, it seems the door is cracked slightly to a future where the entire device is modular in nature. Motorola has even gone so far as to launch Project Ara, which it sees as the future of smartphones. Motorola is not the only company that is looking down that path. While they have only taken the first tentative steps, ZTE also has some ideas for a modular smartphone and tablet. At CES 2014, the company had on hand a model of the Eco-Mobius, ZTE’s take on a modular concept.

The Eco-Mobius includes a clear plastic case that holds together all the snap-in modules, a neat design to showcase the concept. ZTE representatives did make it clear though that at this time the Eco-Mobius was just a design concept and no actual development was underway.


source: The Verge

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