Galaxy S5 May Feature a Stainless Steel and Plastic Combination


One of the biggest complaints in regards to devices made by Samsung is the use of plastic and just how cheap it feels. While it appears that Samsung is listening to the people in build quality, it appears that they’re not too keen on giving up on the plastic just yet.  As rumors suggest, there will be both a premium (Galaxy F) and regular (Galaxy S) model of the device. The regular model will be made of plastic and according to these latest rumors so will parts of the Galaxy F.

According to current leaks, the premium model will have a stainless steel battery cover while the other components of the device will be made of plastic. This is suggested to be done to decrease the weight of the device. While they could use magnesium or aluminum to give the premium metal feel without adding much weight, supply issues made the Korean company change directions on that front.

If said rumors are true, it will be interesting to see how Samsung pulls off the metal and plastic combination.

source: etnews
via:  G4Games

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  • Frank Dux

    I have nothing against plastic but Samsung makes it feel cheap. Other manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, and HTC know how to make plastic have a premium kind of feel.

  • c

    This is how titans fall. Samsung is selling a ton of devices, so why worry about it? Plastic is cheap, and terrible plastic is even cheaper. Why mess with the profit margins? Product pipelines are 18 months, but consumer sentiment is changes on a dime. So when chintzy plastic is no longer going to work Samsung won’t be able to pivot fast enough.

  • mankulito

    yeah, right :D :D