Hands on with the ZTE Nubia 5S LTE and Nubia 5S Mini

ZTE Nubia 5S LTE Mini

Two of the many devices ZTE is showing off at CES this year are the Nubia 5S LTE and Nubia 5S Mini. The naming conventions and design of both phones might be a little Apple-esque, but they have some really unique features on them, especially in the camera department. The Nubia 5S LTE is the higher end of the two, featuring a Snapdragon 800 and a ton of camera tweaks. The device is unique in that it will allow you to change where your focus point is on your pictures as well as adjusting where your source of light is coming from. This should make for some pretty fantastic photos from the device. On the video side, the 5S LTE is capable of recording 4k video at 32 frames per second, which is very impressive for a smartphone.

The Nubia 5S Mini is a slightly smaller version of the 5S LTE with no LTE, obviously, and a smaller screen. It also only has a Snapdragon 600 CPU and it’s missing a few of the camera features that its bigger brother has, but it is available in several different colors. It looks like it could definitely be one of the nicer mini phones we’ll see this year.

You can check out our hands on video of both devices below where you can see some of the awesome camera features in action. For the rest of our CES 2014 coverage, click here.

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