Hands on with augmented reality apps utilizing Qualcomm Vuforia at CES 2014


CES is full of hardware, but there is some really cool software as well. We always get together with the Qualcomm Vuforia augmented reality team to see what cool stuff they have, and as usual, they treated us to some very innovative stuff. Last year at this time, there were over 2,500 augmented reality apps using the Vuforia platform, and this year there are now over 4,000 (for both Android and iOS). From education to helping you decide what size TV you can place in your living room, the possibilites with augmented reality apps are limitless.

Here at CES 2014, Qualcomm Vice President of Business Development, Jay Wright, showed me a really cool coloring app for kids called CalAR Mix and Sony’s “What TV – Sony Buying Guide” that lets you see if that 75-inch TV is going to fit in your living room.

Hit the break for the very cool video.

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More Info: Vuforia / Play Store – What TV – Sony Buying Guide / Play Store – ColARMix

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