Yahoo purchases developers of home screen launcher Aviate


Remember Aviate, that innovative home screen launcher replacement? Well, Yahoo has recently acquired the application and the developers. The app never left a private beta, so maybe this means Yahoo can fund its way to a full-fledged application. On the other hand, the last major Android app that Yahoo purchased, Astrid, has recently been shut down. Hopefully Aviate won’t suffer the same fate.

Yahoo has said that they plan to make Aviate a part of their core Android experience for the coming year. Time will tell how true that turns out to be.

source: Android Central

  • Bruno Vercelino da Hora

    Well it is a good and a possible bad news…
    Good because Yahoo can help and fund Aviate to be better.
    Bad, because Yahoo can start to impose their products and services through aviate.
    And let’s be frank, Yahoo doesn’t have a great service like Google.
    But I loev Aviate, it’s the best homescreen ever!
    Hope it continues to be so!