Google to shut down Bump and Flock on January 31



Google acquired Bump and Flock in an acquisition back in September, and they’re ready to begin phasing it out. CEO and cofounder David Lieb  announced that both Bump and Flock will no longer be available in the Play Store, or Apple’s App Store after January 31, citing that the company is “deeply focused on their new projects within Google.”

That means that everything you have stored on Bump and Flock will disappear after this month, as all stored data will be deleted from servers. All you have to do to backup your data though, is go into the app, and follow the instructions that will appear after tapping “More.” Bump will then send an email with a link to let you download all of your stored data.

Source: Cult of Android

  • Stephen Hall

    If they didn’t want it why buy it, what is it’s Google replacement?

    • Franco

      I think they bought it to shut it down lol.. maybe they were competition in some way…?