Koush’s ROM Manager app gets pulled from Play Store over in-app PayPal purchases


Koushik Dutta, developer of tons of popular Android apps like Helium, DeskSMS, and AllCast (just to name a few), has had his ROM Manager app yanked from the Play Store over developer violations. The violation in question? An old method of paying for a ROM Manager Premium license through PayPal.

Google apparently sent Koush an email giving him 6 weeks to remove PayPal IAP options from all of his apps. He removed it from Helium, but hadn’t managed to get around to fixing up ROM Manager. 4 weeks into that 6 week deadline, Google has taken the app down.

Now, to be completely fair, Google has required in app purchases to exclusively go through Google Play if they wanted to be on the Play Store for almost three years, so this isn’t a new change. Unfortunately, ROM Manager is a pretty old app that’s always used PayPal since before Google Play IAPs were introduced, so they were likely kept for legacy users that bought a license years back. Removing it now could cause a sticky situation where previous license-owners would be left out to dry.

Koush has stated that he’s working to get the issue resolved ASAP, but there’s obviously no clear solution, and his time is divided between managing his apps and Cyanogenmod’s new business endeavors. Hopefully this one sees a satisfying ending for both parties involved.

source: Google+

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