Moto CEO Dennis Woodside sits down for Q&A on Moto G, direction of company


Motorola is certainly looking to the future. The Moto X came with plenty of fanfare, and the new line of Droids are better than ever. The Moto G adds a pretty nice affordable option to the company’s lineup as well.

Moto CEO Dennis Woodside recently sat down with the Associated Press to discuss the future of the company as well as a reflection on the past year’s performance.

Hit the break for some of the more interesting quotes from Woodside.

On what people want from their smartphones:

  • Durability: “Phones break. They’re glass. That’s likely to change in the next 24 months, as plastic becomes more present and producible.”
  • Voice Operations: “You’ll be speaking to (the) phone, asking it to do things, and it will be responding and actually doing what you intend, as opposed to you reading a command line.”

On the future of the company:

  • Wearables: “Wearables are obviously an area that’s of interest. No one has really come up with the killer-use case that defines what that means and how that works.”

On the company’s biggest competitors:

  • “Apple, Samsung. They’ve shown, especially Samsung, that marketing can really create a product and a phenomenon. We’re never going to have the money that they have to market our products. So, we have to have products that do something a little bit differently, which is what you’re starting to see with Moto G.”

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    Google will be fine in the future.

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    One thing most people would like is to be able to put in a new battery when the one sealed inside the phone will no longer charge. Like what happens to all lithium batteries after a year or two. I guess the thinking is pitch it and buy an new one every couple years. Dicks…