Android Heading To T-Mobile UK From November?

T-Mobile UKThe Telegraph are today reporting that the upcoming HTC Dream/G1 Android handset will be available in the UK exclusively on T-Mobile, from November.

Google’s ‘Dream’ phone, which uses its much-hyped Android open-source operating system, will be available exclusively on the T Mobile network with plans for a high street launch as early as November.

This seems to be the first report of a UK Android phone release, with previous announcements only being for the US.


  • Loke

    “exclusively”? Isn’t the dream supposed to be an open phone?

    Then again… The iphone is “exclusive” to SingTel in Singapore, but the phones are actually unlocked when you buy them there…

    Time will tell, I suppose.

  • Dennis

    You pay for the device, not the OS. And only T-mobile can sell the device which just happens to have the OS.

    So that makes the OS open, but the device closed.

  • Loke

    But what does that actually mean, “only t-mobile can sell the device”? Except for the iphone, I don’t think I’ve ever heard ablut a mobile phone that you could not buy from a third party, without a subscription if you were willing to pay the full price for it.

    After all, that’s how I usually buy my phones.

  • Yogz

    I can’t wait for this!