Google+ automatically “Auto Awesome-ing” your holiday photos with falling snow and twinkling lights

Thanks to Google+, you can now “GIF-out” your holiday photos to send some pretty cool e-cards to family and friends.

If you take a photo featuring any kind of Christmas tree or snow, Google will automatically “Auto Awesome” your pictures and add snow or twinkling lights to it, turning them into GIFs.

The idea seems a bit corny, but when actually looking on it, it’s really not all that bad. Try it out for yourself! Let us know how it turns out. Hit the break for an example of a snowy picture.

Source: +Erik Murphy-Chutorian 


  • Stuggernaut

    They save a new version of the “auto-awesomed” photo. They do not modify the original. If you look, you will see both versions.

    • Andrew Esh

      I spent some time looking around, and saw no other copy of the photo. I found on another message board that you have to find out the name of the photo, and then do a search to find all that have a similar name. Then I found my original, and I knew I could safely delete the one that had been ruined by this silly graffiti.

    • Andrew Esh

      Other enhanced photos have a menu that allows you to turn off the enhancements. This new “service” which creates a copy of the photo is unexpected. I could not know that deleting the photo was the right thing to do, after learning that a menu is what controls enhancements.

  • Andrew Esh

    I want it gone. I hate it. How do I remove it?

  • Oscar Sunhill

    Worst idea in….a loooong time!

  • JR

    For muppets only….