Metal chassis on the Galaxy S 5 appears to be a lock


It has already been rumored that Samsung will adopt a metal housing for the upcoming Galaxy S 5, but it appears the rumor is gaining traction. The latest report out of Taiwan names Catcher as the company supplying 10 to 30 million metal housings this month, followed by BYD and Ju Teng.

Of course, there are no guarantees in this business, but I would say chances are pretty darn high that the next Galaxy S phone will be sporting metal.

source: emsodm
via: SamMobile

  • raitchison

    Also heard that there will be an option for a regular (plastic) housing for people who have no interest in, and certainly don’t want to pay extra for, a metal housing.

    The plastic Samsung phones have handily outsold all the metal housing android competition combined. Clearly the demand for metal housings isn’t all that the blogs would have you believe.

    • thelicoriceman

      Well to be fair, the only other popular metal (Android) phone is the HTC One, and HTC isn’t all that great at marketing. Hell, they stole the Windows Phone interface and touted it as something “revolutionary”. Let’s not forget that the iPhone is metal, and that sells like hotcakes. I believe that with the marketing power of Samsung, a metal Galaxy will surely sell just as well as previous versions.

      • Weston

        HTC did not steal the Windows Phone interface you daft fool.

        • Zack

          @disqus_jZ57Ybjr3r:disqus Prove it! Do NOT make up facts and then post them, it’s NOT gonna make them true, you blithering idiot.

    • Weston

      You are a fool.