Google and Toyota team up to bring customers Toyota Collaborator


Google and Toyota have teamed up to introduce a new way to buy a car, and of course it involves Google+ and Google Hangouts.

You’ll be able to join a hangout with other people and design a new 2014 Toyota Corolla together. You’ll get your traditional webcam windows with everyone else in the Hangout, but at the top there’s a customizable Corolla. Anyone in the Hangout can adjust and customize different aspects of the car to fit your liking. You can view the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and even “test drive” it with Google Street View Maps. Supposedly, you will also be able to invite a local dealer into the Hangout to find inventory for you. Pretty cool, right?

Obviously there’s still some limitations here. There’s only one model of car supported right now, and you’ll have to live somewhere that a dealer is willing to do this kind of business. But if this is what making big purchases is going to be like in the future, I think it’s a pretty cool concept.

source: Toyota

via: Android and Me

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