Google’s Voice search now supports Russian, Polish, Czech and Turkish

I know I’ve impressed a few friends with the voice search feature on my Android phone. Whenever I did such a feat, I always thought to myself “Man, if only my Russian, Polish, Czech and Turkish friends could use this feature in their native language.” I know you probably thought the same thing.

Well thankfully, the big G (No, not the omnipresent being… wait they both are everywhere, know everything. Wait, did I just figure out that Google is God? Maybe God is Google? That’s definitely a topic for another article, lol.) Anyway, Google announced today that they are bringing voice search support for Russian, Polish, Czech and Turkish languages.

It’s important to note that you can’t just go speaking whatever language you want and expect it to automatically figure it out. You’ll have to change the setting on the phone first, but still, seeing Android adopt more languages is great to see.

[via googlemobile]