Dead Zebra announces five more Series 4 Android collectibles in time for the holiday season


Last week we let you guys know that Dead Zebra announced a couple of Android figurines for the holiday season as part of Series 4 of their collectibles line. It had only announced two of the collectibles: Astronomiton and Fisherman.

Now, it’s announcing five new collectibles, including “2×2,” “Wee Ninja,” “Flipmode,” “Yellow,” and “Stress Tech.”┬áHit the break for pictures.

Yellow Android

Burger Android

Baseball Android

Ninja Android


If you’re looking to start building a collection or just add to yours, this is definitely something to consider.

Source: Dead Zebra 1 / Dead Zebra 2


  • joe

    Having issues with my Samsung keeps dropping calls and getting a lot of interference

    • ShapesBlue

      Contact your carrier and let them know. Not sure why you posted that on here