Google engineer explains why you shouldn’t clear Google Services Framework data


While the Android 4.4 update is rolling out to Nexus users across the world, some just can’t wait for the over the air update to hit their device, and are instead resorting to trying to force the OTA by using methods they probably don’t fully understand. One of those methods is by clearing the Google Service Framework data. Google engineer Dan Morris thinks that using this method is a bad idea.

Through a Reddit thread, Morris essentially said that clearing the service framework data will break things. He said that doing so essentially changes the ID of your device, so as far as servers are concerned you have given your device a factory reset. This will then invalidate tokens used by any app that uses GCM, which includes almost all Google apps and a number of third party apps. Apps like Gmail will not get notifications for a while, but will eventually be fine. Other apps will simply cease to get GCM-push notifications until they get a new GCM ID, which might take a while.

Sure, these issues might not be a huge deal, but you will probably end up having to factory reset your device in order to fix them. Seems kind of crazy because you never have to wipe your device when you receive OTA updates. Morris talked a little about the OTA update process, and why it might take a while for some users to get it. Essentially the update starts on 1% of devices over 24-48 hours. It then moves up towards 100% over a week or so. Updates are essentially done in batches, so pressing the “Check for Updates” button over and over really isn’t going to affect when you get that update much.

Source: Reddit (1) / Reddit (2)
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  • pramod

    We r not getting Kitkat updates for Nexus7 in India.

  • Karlo

    then why dont google just completely disable that command permanantly

  • likemystory

    No kit kat updates for Nexus 10 in the UK yet either, and Motorola although they only look after the US are stating there pushing this out to some of there devices next week, while nexus devices are still waiting! Don’t give much incentive to buy nexus, there may be some awesome hardware under the hood but there “are” payoffs for that the poor cameras being one.

    • NeedName

      The only reason I see to buy a Nexus device these days is the support by custom ROMs. . . other than that — 18 months till EOL and Moto getting them out nearly as fast. . .

      • likemystory

        There is the benefit of no bloat, but yes rooting and roming are the main incentives to go nexus. I am beginning to like some of the bloat added personally ‘ I’m more inclined to go for the note 3 this time round compared to an

  • TheManWhoKnows

    First – google should know everything about me my from my account (unique email address). there should be NO other form of tracking, spying, monitoring, or whatever.
    2nd – there are sooooo many bugs with the rushed-out android system that resetting parts and/or the whole device is a regular solution for everyone.
    stop complaining. stop spying.

  • M42

    What about the excessive battery drain Kit Kat 4.4.2 has caused?

  • Jeannette Oliver

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3.8. Google Services vanished. I cannot access Google Play & other Google products. How can I fix it?

  • paul4id

    Google Services Framework us what the Google spy machine uses to track users. THAT us the real reason they don’t want you resetting it.

  • prateek

    in Google services framework don’t have the option for disable,
    i have Samsung galaxy ace.

  • Sushant Jadhav

    I disabled the Google services framework, and now the check now button shows the old time.. and not the recent time that im trying. can you help…. I’m waiting for lollipop OTA.

    • Satish Chilloji

      Try clearing the GSF data and check once..

  • guest

    The Google service framework isn’t as much of a spy as it is a unique phone identifier. People need to understand the purpose behind it. Could it collect data about apps that you are using? Of course. Could it be harmful? I highly doubt it can cause any harm knowing what apps you are using. There are millions of Google users around the world. The fact that they have there own framework set up to identify people using there services I don’t see it as a problem at all. So you can either accept the fact that Google does collect information or you can choose iOS where you will have to deal with the same exact thing…only Apple.Or you can go off the grid, live in a cave and chase deer with that fancy stick you call a spear.

  • Nikesh maharjan

    when the Samsung note 4(Sm-n910h) OTA will received all other note 4 has the lollipop

  • Frank Meier

    WiFI = saved, secured
    … but you can not connect to the router?

    In my case was the problem the difference of the language.

    The problem is that the thais set the system to thai language.

    That means that the transfer of the characters from android to windows change the language character encoding table (ANSI, UTF8, etc.).

    This brings problems with the decoding of the password, which is on a ANSI system installed.

    I did until now not find any other solution as to install the router for wireless with WPA2 and create a access list with MAC address numbers from the mobile phones.

    BE AWARE: The characters MUST be upper case!!!

    Example: 98-94-49-F1-A9-79

    – – – – – – – –

    To make it clear:

    If you switch later the language to english or back to thai does not help. The root system is set to the initial language character encoding table.