Samsung pulls Galaxy S III Android 4.3 update and issues statement


Now we know why updates aren’t always available to everyone right from the start. It’s because problems can arise. AT&T pulled the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S 4, and now Samsung has pulled the 4.3 update for the global version of the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300).

Once you look at this list, you will wonder how the update was approved in the first place. Samsung did issue a statement, but you won’t get an answer to that question. Hit the break for it as well as the list of issues.

Issues with Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)

  • Wake up lag (Sometimes it takes a few seconds to wake the device from standby and sometimes a few minutes)
  • Random Freezing
  • Huge battery drain
  • Bluetooth Audio issues during playback in car
  • Stuttering music playback with stock Samsung music app
  • Device freezes as soon a call is received (Black screen issue)
  • Poor RAM management (very difficult to multitask)
  • Wi-Fi issues

Samsung’s statement…

“As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility.” – Samsung Mobile UK

Source: SamMobile

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  • Todd Fongemie

    This is simply unbelievable… I have an s3 and have been stuck on 4.1.2 for like 6 months now… Not happy with this why can’t they push the update out faster?

  • JPB

    Sad but I wonder how much of this has to do with Samsung’s tinkering with Android to begin with. Leave it alone, use unadulterated Android and you’ll be much better off Samsung.

  • Jimmytm300

    I have the s3 4g model it is my first and last android powered phone , will be going back to iphone

  • Daniel Webster

    Who cares about 4.3 anymore? I want KitKat on my S3!

    I agree with JPB too. OEM’s and Telco’s need to back off and stop tinkering with stock Android. All they do is fill it with crap (just like PC OEM’s do with Windows). I have a Nexus 10 and love the pure Android experience on my tablet (and fast updates too!). Am considering a Nexus phone when it is time for an upgrade. Have been happy with Samsung, but love the fact that Nexus devices are controlled by Google and aren’t full of telco s**t.

  • David G

    I had to get a new Samsung Galaxy S4 due to a screen crack. It upgraded to Jellybean 4.3. I no longer have my contact list transferred to my Bluetooth stereo. I am using Credo Mobile that uses the Sprint network. I had reset my phone and did troubleshooting with Samsung. I even went to Best Buy where I got my car stereo. The contact list wouldn’t transfer to any of the phones on display. BestBuy said that they aren’t responsible for this issue and referred me back to Credo. I called Credo and told them that they need to send me a new phone that I won’t upgrade to 4.3, fix the current issue, switch my phone to an apple, or cancel my account so that I might choose any carrier without an early termination fee. I also informed them if numerous Jellybean users have this problem and have car accidents due to making phone calls on their phones instead of the Bluetooth car audio systems that they would be liable to a class action law suit from anyone injured by this action.

  • alfred

    Guys need some help here, im curious with the firmware upgrade thing so I try it on my s3 after the updating my contact list are not showing up its just saying updating and nothings happening, can someone please help me with this? Please guys.. :(