Meizu releases first ever 128 GB smartphone in China


Meizu is now offering a version of their MX3 smartphone that features an incredible 128 GB of internal storage. This is the world’s first smartphone to ever feature that much space for users, so it’s a pretty impressive feat. Unfortunately, the 128 GB configuration is only available in the TD-SCDMA variant of the device, which means it’s designed specifically for Chinese networks. You can use it in other countries, but you’ll be stuck on 2G GSM, and that’s probably not something you’d be interested in. Still, there’s hope that Meizu will offer that much space in some of the other variants of the MX3 so it can be used internationally.

source: Engadget

  • emilio

    its a shame no 2g or 3g but still it is a awesome phone.

  • emilio

    its a shame no 3g or 4g but still an awesome phone.