Verizon and Sprint Galaxy S 4 starting to receive Android 4.3 update


Seems like those leaked target dates for the Galaxy S 4’s Android 4.3 update are lining up perfectly. The leaked date suggested that Verizon’s would get Android 4.3 starting on Monday and Sprint today. Turns out, both variants of the GS4 are getting the update right now. Head over to the About Phone section in Settings and check for the update. As you know, however, it can take days for your device to have the update pushed to it. Last night, my brother’s Verizon Galaxy S 4 received the update (NYC area).

If you’re on AT&T or T-Mobile, who generally receive the updates first, those variants are expected to get Android 4.3 beginning on November 13 and 18, respectively. So yes, Verizon actually beat out someone for a software update. Incredible.

Source: Android Central

  • Zeus

    I got mine yesterday morning, and I’m in Western NY.

  • Gizzal

    In las vegas and and haven’t received mine yet