Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition to cost £499 for 16GB in the U.K.


According to a tipster over at Android Central, the 2014 edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 will cost £499 for the 16GB version with WiFi in the United Kingdom. The tablet launched last week in the United States and now retailers in the U.K. are getting them as well. The tispster snapped a photo of the device on display at Currys/PC World. Although the Galaxy Note 10.1 is on display, they aren’t expected to start being sold in the U.K. until next week. Also, note that it says there is a “quad core processor” rather than the octa-core one in the United States. This is likely just a typo.

Source: Android Central

  • Tracy P

    I bought the galaxy note 10.1 16gb 2014 edition for £499 from pc world in Guildford on Saturday 19th October and spent last night setting it up – absolutely loving it!

  • none

    I work for Currys and we are rolling them out as soon as they get received in stores. You can order them through the website or order them into store now too but all stores should get them within the next couple of days.

  • none

    Also the specs are the same as the Note 3 for the processor, it is a quad core 2.3ghz exynos according to Samsung docs.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    The quad-core processor part might be deliberate, as quite a few call the octa-core a quad-core CPU since only four cores are active at any one moment, haha.

  • JB

    Ridiculous Pricing, Why are these companies so greedy?