Sony releases an array of new colored SmartWatch 2 wrist straps


The Sony SmartWatch 2 is cool and all, but the black silicone wrist strap is kind of dull, no? Well, Sony has you covered, and has announced an array of different colored straps, including pink, purple, turquoise and yellow. They are available on the Sony Store website for  £16.99 in the UK and €19.90 in Europe. Also, Sony is now selling fancy black and light brown leather straps, if that’s more your type. Those are available for £20.99 in the UK or €24.90 in Europe.

The new straps don’t seem to be available in the United States just yet. They show up on the US Sony Store website, but no pricing or order info is present.

Source: Sony Mobile
Via: Xperia Blog

  • Besh

    Love them!