HTC marketing exec leaves company after just four months


HTC has reported their Vice President and head of Global PR, Corporate and Internal Communications, Lorain Wong is leaving the company only four months after joining HTC. Wong indicated she was resigning for personal reasons, but will remain as a consultant for three to four months according to her boss, Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho. Wong joins a growing list of HTC execs to have left the company recently, including two others from the PR team over the course of the past two years. Prior to joining HTC, Wong had worked with Asia Global Crossing where she helped rebrand the company into Pacnet, as well as AT&T and CBS Evening News.

According to an interview with HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang two weeks ago at APEC, an event that Wong attended, HTC is preparing to refine its marketing message over the next few months. Whether refinement or an overhaul is needed, whatever initiatives are undertaken will probably not be helped by Wong’s departure.

source: Bloomberg