Next Sony Xperia could be able to wirelessly charge in one hour


Smartphones are incredible devices that have made our lives infinitely better, but they still have their problems. Like how long some phones take to charge. Sony might be solving that problem in a big way. According to Nikkei, Sony has developed a way to wirelessly charge their new Xperia that uses 10-15 watts of electricity, or twice the rate of current chargers. That would mean that their smartphone would be able to be fully charged in around one hour.

Yes, charging that fast would normally cause your phone to blow up into flames, but Rohm has developed control chips to be incorporated into Qi-compatible chargers and smartphones that keep heat generation down, and continue to let the ultra-fast charging occur.

This technology is expected to make its way to our Sony gadgets by late 2014.

Source: Nikkei
Via: Pocket-Lint

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