New Google Glass APK teardown gives a look at future treats

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With Google Glass updates becoming more frequent than ever, there is a chance that a few things can go unnoticed. But leave it to an APK teardown done by Android Police to uncover some very interesting features that could be on the horizon. Hit the break for details.

Voice commands are likely going to see a huge expansion with a slew of new tasks. Some of the more interesting ones include “Find a recipe” or “Record a recipe” and “Start a round of golf” or “Start a run” because they would work into other apps to perform tasks. The recipe related ones would be integrated with the KitchMe app, allowing you to access a library of recipes without having to go to another device.

Music through Google Glass is approaching as a command “Play Music” has been added. While files for music have existed for quite some time, a radio icon has been added which would hint the inclusion of Play’s All Access radio channels.

The Gaze folder has also been expanded. Detection for a “double blink” has been added, which could have to do with the “wink for photo” feature as it would provide different motions to activate various functions.

Finally, multiple font files have been uncovered. Android Police says “Condensed, Bold Condensed, Italic Condensed, and Bold Italic Condensed are accounted for, with the other Condensed weights missing. These files were actually in previous Glass builds,” but they still have yet to make an appearance elsewhere. Google could be looking to place these fonts in through different aspects of the interface.

Source: Android Police

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