Did Google hint of Nexus 5 in Android 4.3 camera app?


If you have seen any of the leaked photos of the upcoming Nexus 5, you probably know one of the unique design features is the large camera lens set in the corner of the back of the device. A little less defining, but still noteworthy, is the circle earpiece on the front of the camera. Comparing these features to the icons used in the Android 4.3 camera app, it appears a couple of the icons used in the app for switching between the front and rear-facing camera incorporated these design features. Was this intentional on the part of Google to give a clue as to their upcoming successor to the Nexus 4? At least one person on Reddit guessed this was the case when the camera app was extracted from Android 4.3 and made available as a standalone app.

Do you think this was a case of Google hiding a hint right in front of everyone or is this an example of people seeing what they want to see?


source: Reddit
via: Phandroid

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