Samsung exploring magnetic resonance wireless charging


2014 could be the year where wireless charging technologies really take off as a selling point for mobile devices, at least if Samsung has a say. A report on Korean web site ETNews indicates Samsung is working on a new wireless charging technology that uses magnetic resonance. This particular version of remote wireless charging is being researched by PowerbyProxi, a New Zealand company in which Samsung has invested $4 Million dollars. Magnetic resonance wireless charging works similar to the current technology used in wireless charging pads, magnetic induction. The benefit of magnetic resonance is that it can work by transmitting power to a device without physical contact and will even work through non-magnetic materials.

The latest report indicates Samsung may be targeting mid-2014 for this new technology to be available in devices. Meanwhile, Qualcomm recently joined the Power Matters Alliance and will likely be working on similar technology for devices that utilize their chips.

Is freedom from cables needed for charging something you look forward to?

source: ETNews
via: G for Games

  • rob

    I wirelessly charge my Lumina 920 everyday, any improvements to it would be welcomed but its so convenient. Because its open qimstandars lots of cheap charge bases available. Stands pillows mats. Coupled with NFC actions makes it like living in the future,

  • beatles

    expect more exploding crap sung