HTC One Max will have a power flip case to extend battery even longer


Worried that the HTC One Max won’t have enough battery life to satisfy you? If you are indeed concerned, there’s good news. A power flip case will launch beside the device with a 1200mAh battery. That would bump the total size of the One Max’s battery to 4500mAh. The case not only juices up your device, it also acts as a stand if you’re interested in watching a movie or video chatting. Connecting the case to the handset are the three pogo pins that everyone was questioning for so long. And yes, the fingerprint scanner is still exposed to be touched.

  • Panini

    Like the one that sony announced for the Xperia Z ultra with 3,000 mah extra

    • lisamom

      But it’s thick and heavy. This one is brilliant.