Google to make improvements to tablet version of Play Store on November 21st


Google has had enormous success in the phone market with Android, but they’ve failed to offer any serious competition in the tablet space. Total unit shipments have been up, but there are still negative stigmas around tablet optimized apps and profitability for developers. Google is taking another step towards rectifying that by adding some “improvements” to the Play Store that put tablet-optimized front and center. On November 21st, all Android tablets will automatically show these made-for-tablet apps on the front page of the Play Store.

Apps that follow Google’s guidelines for well-designed tablet apps will be displayed ahead of other applications. They will also be assigned a specific badge that states they are designed for tablets, and apps that don’t meet those guidelines will be designated as designed for phones.

It’s not a quick solution towards getting more apps to be designed for tablets according to Google’s guidelines, but it’s going to make it easier for tablet owners to find apps that are better suited for their devices. Hopefully it’ll make developers more likely to work on getting their apps to look and run well on tablets.

source: Google Blog

About the Author: Jared Peters

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