Google Chrome Coming to Android

Chrome AndroidIn a recent interview, Google co-founder Sergey Brin spoke about the relationship between the Android platform and the newly launched Google browser Chrome.

Brin mentions that although the two projects were developed seperately, now that they are public and nearing their first final releases that is now set to change.

The Android browser will most likely incorporate much of Chrome’s inner workings:

“Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack”

With Brin going on to mention the new mobile browser will adopt it’s own name:

“My guess is we’ll have ‘Chrome-like’ or something similar”

[via Cnet]

  • film fan

    there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it’s speed, for example; now if only they would take care it’s quirky cookie management…

  • Haroon

    Chrome is light weight champion as compared to XP IE. I like its GUI and many other features like spy browsing… It’s hit ;)

  • Shide

    Me parece genial que llegue a Android Google Chrome.
    Si en un ordenador de sobremesa, se nota muchísimo la diferencia de velocidad, tanto en cargar páginas como en apertura del programa, en un móvil o en un mini portátil tiene que ser imprescindible. Los puntos fuertes de Google Chrome, son la velocidad que tiene, ya sea en web, como en aplicación, el fácil acceso, simplicidad y de búsqueda rápida de sus Descargas e Historial. El manejo de pestañas también es algo importante, aunque no especialmente competitivo en móviles, ya que la velocidad de éstos supongo que se verá reducida bastante al mantener abiertas varias pestañas.

  • Rajesh Kashyap

    Google chrome is going to change the web surfing experience
    not only by its speed but also by its performance and easy to use interface. It is simply great.

  • chromebook information

    Google is doing a great job, especially with Google Chrome..

  • Android Supporter

    I think the whole thing sounds very interesting and will make an exciting addition to the technological world.


  • Darryl

    Chrome is pretty cool on the desktop and netbook. But the mobile. Platform is where it should really shine. (I’M still hanging with Firefox on the PC, sorry.)u
    Google will likely watch the fate of android itself unfold according
    to the awesomeness.of Chrome mobile, since users will associate the browser as being part of the O.S., like apple and safari or m.s. and I.E

  • http://None Basu


    Can anyone gude me how to install chrome on Android simulator ?
    Is there any Android package file available for Google chrome ?
    Plese reply as soon as possible .
    Thanks in advance.

  • Harry Barracuda

    I hope it does what Opera does and compresses pages before it sends them. BIG cost saver on pay-as-you-go data plans.

  • adam

    i do agree to is well

  • zintax

    flash support should be a must!

  • Ryan

    flash is pre installed in most android phones and yeah google chrome is awesome though i;m still using opera for my phone…

  • millgate

    Bring it on Google. My Netbook and I are ready now !!

    My Samsung Netbook is ready … I’ve updated the Synaptics Touchpad to allow ‘multitouch’ – and it works fine with Google Maps Navigation … Bluetooth is running very well with my rechargeable Jabra earpiece/’mic … and the Netbook already works fine in a WiFi environment with a ‘dongle’ … and SKYPE works just great.

    All I need is for Google to release a Chrome OS/Android version which puts Windows XP into limbo and I’m in great shape to take the Netbook on the road.

    With a DELL Streak in my pocket and my trusty enabled Samsung Netbook I shall be a real ‘road warrior’ !!

    Bring it on Google … anytime you want.

  • Activepc

    Is the browser already developed ?

    I hope it does include Proxy authentication ….


  • HggHyxo

    Its time to think in big… Motorola Atrix is about to came reality and I need to think about a fine browser for that, if used in NetTop mode… so please make Chrome to android, to can be used it on (:

  • goseas

    where to download the chrome mobile source code?

  • Dheeraj

    Is it available Now to download???

  • Frederick

    September 3rd, 2008

    Today is 07/01/2011, I am still waiting for it on my HTC Inspire.

  • google crome

    i need thise softmeare. Can you send me to it…..???

  • Kaseyu09

    could this one will come up, since mozilla firefox now on mobile phone OS too, UC BROWER and OPERA MOBILE