Dropbox for Android updates to build

The popular file syncing/sharing software, Dropbox, has updated the Android version of their app to build  They have added a new button to Clear Uploads in the Settings menu, offline account information, and Apps2SD support.  The rest is mostly network related bug fixes.  It’s currently not available in the market yet, but you can grab the .apk here.  Hit the jump to see the full release notes and grab the QR to download it.

Release Notes:

  • Added a button in Settings to Clear Uploads
  • Account information is available when offline
  • App2SD now works (though some functions may not be available if moved to the SD card)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed several issues with uploads and downloads
    • Notifications are filtered better, so shouldn’t overwhelm the phone as much
    • Proxy settings are handled better
    • Fixed several network issues
    • Dropbox Service now shuts down when finished
    • Uploading large files should now happen fully in the background
    • .url files can be viewed properly again
    • Better handling of network and authorization errors

[via Dropbox]