Waterproof and dustproof Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant could be available soon


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which was released around the same time as the Galaxy S4, surprisingly got a lot of attention because of its waterproof and dust-proof features. You can literally dump the phone in the ocean and no harm will be done to your device.

As expected, this feature will become more and more in demand in the future, and we’re already getting rumors that Samsung will be releasing a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with these “rugged” features built in— call it a Galaxy Note 3 Active, perhaps?

Such a device, which already has amazing internals, could sell very well on the market. I already wanted a Note 3, but one that is waterproof makes it even better.

It’s also already being speculated that these “rugged” features will come standard with the Galaxy S5 to be released next year. Pretty exciting, as we’re starting to see some of the awesome things that phones will be able to do in the future. Just add this to the long, long list.

Via: GforGames
Source: ETNews

  • steve

    I hope they say something soon because Im ready to buy my Note 3 as soon as its released on Verizon and don’t want to keep waiting buy I also don’t want to buy a reg and then they release the water proof model right after.

  • dheeraj

    samsung never disappoints anyone!!!!
    now finally z ultra fans can shut the fuck up!!!

  • Rudy Lopez

    Why does Samsung always fucking copy every other company?? Fuck they can’t be happy with their own shit.

    • deez fucking nuts

      Wtf so just because they wanna be waterproof you start shitting on them? Smhhhhhhh

  • John Marino

    Is the gallery note 3 waterproof