Samsung to make their own version of Google Glass


According to Eldar Murtazin, Samsung is going to come out with their own version of Google Glass next spring. It will be marketed under the Gear Glass name and will be available in April/May. Based on this timing it could be unveiled at the spring Unpacked Event, which is usually reserved for the next Galaxy S phone.

This news is far from shocking since Samsung has been building their own ecosystem for a few years now. I have no doubt Google Glass will be the better product, but Google hardware doesn’t usually sell well with the mainstream. On the other hand, Samsung’s products are everywhere, and Samsung is just the company to take a glass-like product to the mainstream. Of course you can also expect it to be half baked like the Galaxy Gear, but will Samsung loyalists care?

source: @eldarmurtazin


  • Kary

    I really would just want the display feature, so I wouldn’t care how “half-baked” it was. If would be like my Galaxy S4 where I have most of the Samsung features turned off.

    BTW, the headline has a typo.

  • Angel

    All Samsung’s got to do is make their Gear Glass 100% Android-based and get rid of the camera and microphone!!! How could they possibly screw that up???