A slew of Android 4.4 screenshots leak, plus an Easter Egg


A few Android 4.4 screenshots leaked a couple of weeks ago, but today we are treated with a lot more. Of course, these shots haven’t been confirmed, and many will point to the fact that the OS is called Key Lime Pie. Remember Android 4.4 was going to be called Key Lime Pie, but that changed with the Kit Kat deal. Assuming these shots are real, we have no idea when these screenshots were taken or how old the version of the OS is on the test unit.

Google always throws in an Easter Egg with each version of Android, and the tester shows us, which lends a little credibility.After tapping on “About Android” in the Settings, a large “K” along with a lime wedge will appear.

Other additions include NFC payments and native printing baked into the Android system. Printing is now an option the the Gallery when editing images. You can now save any image as a PDF or print directly to a wireless printer. You will even get options such as paper size, color, black & white, orientation, and so on. The Gallery editor adds a few more options including Tilt-Shift, Center Focus, as well as Negative and Posterize effects.

You will also find “Manage Wireless Plan” in the settings under Wireless & Networks. Animations are also a little smoother and icons in the notification area are now white. Now it’s time to feast your eyes on the 20 images below. If you notice something odd or interesting, let us know in the comments.

source: gadgethelpline
via: rbmen

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  • Wojciech Skrok

    The changed dialer with blue panel

  • mark

    The model number says nexus 4

  • jeremy

    Oh god people thought the last “leaked” dialer was ugly. This one is beyond ugly, and if this is all the change were getting I think I’m going to be very dissapointed. Ugh bring Andy Rubin back to the Android team. Fuck Sundar!!

  • shaky

    I call fake, really a nexus 4 that contains an MSM8974 SOC?!? Aka snapdragom 800?!?! Wake up guys nexus 4 has a apq8064 soc hahaha