Sprint HTC One to receive Android 4.3 today


President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie just announced the Sprint HTC One will get Android 4.3 today. As you know, Jason was hopeful that all U.S. carriers would get the update by September. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but you know how carriers can be. Yup, annoying.

With the Canadian HTC One already updated, we should give a round of applause to HTC for a job well done. The other U.S. carriers aren’t updating yet, but hopefully they aren’t too far behind. The bottomline is that HTC has delivered the update to them in a timely manner. HTC can’t control the carriers, although we wish they could.

Sprint didn’t offer much of a changelog, but hit the break to see it.

HTC One Software Update –  3.04.651.2


  • Fixes issue where Swype does not automatically enter spaces in Exchange email
  • Application Updates: Sprint Zone, Visual Voicemail
  • HTC Sense stability improvements
  • Updating OS from 4.1.2 to 4.3 (Minor update)

source: @JasonMacHTC

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    what about 4.4 kit kat probably receive that update sometime next year lol