Angry Birds Released in Full and it’s Free! (now in Android Market)

Angry Birds for Android

Update: Angry Birds now available in the Android Market! But if you can’t find it in the market, keep reading. That being said, we had over 7,000 downloads of the .apk in three hours. You guys are crazy for Angry Birds!

Rovio announced today that the full version of Angry Birds for Android is now available and it is totally free!

Why is Rovio allowing us to feed our hunger for Angry Birds free of charge? Well this is what they had to say:

We want to make Angry Birds available for as many people as possible. Previously, many people were experiencing problems in finding Angry Birds on Android Market, but now everybody can download the game on their device.

I personally think it is fantastic when developers reward users in this way. The initial version of the game will include mobile advertising which is understandable. So expect an advert-less version in the near future.

Unfortunately the full version is not yet providing support for QVGA display resoluitions, but Rovio do plan to support these devices soon.

Keep reading for a download link & QR code as well as a video showing you how to unzip & install the app.

We’re offering up Angry Birds to download right HERE (note you’ll need a program to unzip it on your device. Something like unzip)

Happy gaming everyone! Report back any opinions or problems in the comments below.

Here’s the how-to-install video:

  • Joe Satriani

    blah. Page not found

  • tomkyblik

    Just gave it a try and site is overloaded :) “The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

  • curse

    not in market or me yet and that getjar place seems to suck.
    when entering it gives some popup saying it don’t recognize my phone, Samsung galaxy S, so. in this popup that’s way bigger then my resolution I’m supposed to write in my phone name, it’s quite slow, since it search it’s database after every letter. so, after writing “Samsung” it got 500+ hits.. so.. ok, I start writing “Galaxy” instead, then it said it was 17 hits(all with images of the phone), I try to move to the images and it just say “Getjar is experiencing a temporary problem. Please try again in a few min”

    sure, shit can happen, but for a lace where you are supposed to download mobile apps, the page really ain’t mobile optimized in any way.
    Just hoping the game comes to market soon or I guess I have to download it from some pirate site instead.

  • Tony Hedges

    the page your are looking for is temporarily unavailable, please try later.

  • Ben

    Site is running very slow on PC and on mobile, with various errors.

    Why not just release on the Market?

  • JohnA.

    has anyone managed to get it? is it just an .apk?

  • Mark

    It seems they choose the wrong place to release it, really I would pay for it right now, but I have to wait because they are “exclusive” on some free ad-supported site..

    And the site clearly doesn’t scale well at all, I mean they must have known that they would get a lot of traffic.

  • Lee

    Well, after about the 15th attempt it’s started to download – poor choice of site for download though – GetJar doesn’t seem up to the task!

  • curse

    yea, I’d rather pay then use getjar…

    “The page you requested was not found.
    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web address are case sensitive.”

    Thats from the link in Angry Birds email

    To get the game now, you can download Angry Birds on your device for free exclusively from GetJar(with the link above here). It will soon be available on the Android Market and Motorola SHOP4APPS, free of charge as well.

    I guess wait for market is the only thing to do.

  • Mark

    Samsung galaxy s. Site tempoaraly unavailable. Guess I got my hope up for nothing

  • Martin

    Bad mistake releasing it on getjar. marketplace may be bad, but this is even worse.

  • Terry W

    Got it from GetJar via wifi, great.

    But it doesn’t load on my HTC Magic. Any idea why? :(

  • Nom prophet

    The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable.

    Me too.

  • Patrick

    Hmm finally manage to download Angry Birds only to find I dont have enough space to run it !!

  • me

    boo on att , will let not me download

  • Derek

    Here’s a download link:

  • Buksh

    i can download it and i have a few times. link is : also but it doesnt work on my experia 10!!!! grrrr and no news about this yet! :( :(

  • curse

    ThaNX talkandroid, you became our pirate dealer .. lol
    at least the game is accessible now

  • Peyton Manning

    Available on the Android market now!!!!!!!! Just downloaded it…

  • Paul Brewer

    Doanloaded ok but would not install. When unzipping came up with error! Tried several times but did not work. Even downloaded unzipped .apk but that did’nt work either! Wots going on?

  • Timo

    just downloaded it but cannot install it! although i got 34mb free space! can anybody help? :(

  • Luke

    I finally download this amazing game – except its just a black screen on my LG Optimus GT540, I can interact with it and hear sound, but there’s no picture!

  • Geoff

    it worked great. thanks so much. i love this game

  • John

    I downloaded it on my desktop, then unzipped it and copied it to my HTC Hero. It is working well.

  • ragalthar

    The full version of Angry Birds is available for download at . But after installing the APK with Astro I just see a black screen and hear music playing but nothing else.

    Are you able to run the game on your X10?

  • jason

    Downloaded it via Ubuntu 10.04/Firefox, unzipped it on the desktop, copied APK to my Sprint Epic and installed it, works awesome!

  • charlene

    i only see a black screen and here theme song aswell !! xperia x10 ?? someone please help

  • Paul

    Downloaded for Xperia X10. Doesn’t work…..

  • mike

    I will also add I downloaded it for Xperia X10 VIA that crap Getjar., installed it and all you get is a nice BLACK screen and music,

    NO sign of it on Market place,


  • lol x10


  • Smogo

    They’ve said it won’t yet work on QVGA screens, but the HTC Magic is HVGA. Has anyone got it working on the Magic?

  • alex

    I’m trying to do a manual install like the video suggests, but then it says that I can’t install stuff that’s not in the market!!!

    Why won’t it show up in the market??

  • k33wud

    I have installed the game and played. Sometimes it’s quite jerky but the main problem is the graphics. Sometimes the background just shows white so you can’t actually see where the gaps are making it hard to play.

  • adameq

    On Magic 32A with CM6. No app in the market. When installed from outside location it works but with many white elements. There is no ground, sky has also some strange colors. But it is playable… Hope they will fix that problems soon.

  • karanveer

    it dont work for LG GT540 optimus and i would like it to work on this phone or be on the android market so i can download it

  • Ranger12

    It is not working on the MyTouch 3G Fender either. I guess that means it will not work on the TFT screens.

  • Kaytee

    HTC dream : downloaded, wont load, as it says i have no space though I do. What’s up with that?

  • Liam

    Using the unzip app and apk managed to get it to download on my phone but game doesnt work , i just get a black screen :(

  • semy

    Downloaded and installed onto my G1. I dont know if it will work but I went to the app, heard the Angry Birds theme song but the screen is all black. Maybe its really laggy!

  • dan

    x10 all done as per instructions just got a blank screen :-( is this game ever going to be on se-x10

  • scornell

    download does not exist… nice work!

  • BBB

    Can not be instaled on this mobile phone… :///

  • kreem

    Cant download it m8ty though

  • Missymoo 99

    i have a LG Cookie how do i download angry birds or any games on to it i have been looking all month! many thanks!;’D