Netflix rolls out Super HD to all members


Netflix announced yesterday that they are rolling out their highest quality video streams, dubbed Super HD, to all users. When initially released, Super HD was only available to customers using an Internet service provider (ISP) that had a direct connection with Netflix. With this new change, Netflix members on a Netflix connected ISP will still get preferential treatment, but if users on other ISPs have the necessary hardware and sufficient bandwidth, they can enjoy Super HD as well. The Netflix Super HD stream is provided at a higher bit rate stream and less compression than the normal 1080p HD stream.

In announcing this change, Netflix director of corporate communications Joris Evers also took the opportunity to plug the Netflix Open Connect delivery network. Open Connect is a system Netflix has developed to deploy TV shows and movies to servers that are closer to the end users in order to improve the viewing experience. You can check out the Netflix video below that explains more about how Open Connect works.

source: Netflix

  • klingercrazy

    Now they just need to pick up the tv series M*A*S *H 4077!

  • ShapesBlue

    They’ve had super hd on roku for quite awhile