A T-Mobile and Sprint merger is ‘the logical ultimate combination’


T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter thinks there will be more consolidation in the U.S wireless market, but he also thinks a merger with Sprint would be “the logical ultimate combination.” If you’re thinking a deal is in the works, that may or may not be the case because he declined to say whether they are talking or not. If you remember, AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile, but it was blocked by the Federal government so other deals could be blocked as well.

Carter went on to say that a merger of smaller operators makes the most sense because AT&T and Verizon are much bigger than T-Mobile and Sprint. Could we be talking about a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile by the end of the year?

source: Reuters

  • Oli72

    More beneficial for T-Mobile then Sprint.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Sprint needs that merger far more than Tmobile that’s for sure. Tmobile is doing perfectly fine today far better than Sprint.

      • Oli72

        Totally agree.

      • squiddy20

        Ummm are you forgetting the huge cash infusion by Softbank that allowed Sprint to buyout the rest of Clearwire? Sprint doesn’t need T-Mobile at all.
        Not to mention the huge difference in wireless technology between the 2 companies (CDMA vs GSM) makes any deal totally unfeasible. One company or the other would have to switch over technologies, a hugely expensive/costly endeavor.

        • ShapesBlue

          Clearwire is a joke. They took all jobs overseas and there network is also a joke

          • squiddy20

            That may be true, but that’s not the point. Sprint got a 20something billion dollar cash infusion from Softbank. That, combined with the spectrum from Clearwire and Sprint’s refarmed iDen frequency means Sprint does not need T-Mobile. Sprint even has more coverage than T-Mobile.

            • ShapesBlue

              Sprints coverage is a joke also. Nothing compared to the big two. I would never go to sprint even if it were the last option on earth.

            • squiddy20

              Yes, while true that Sprint has less coverage than the big two, Sprint has a heck of a lot more coverage than T-Mobile. In fact, I’d bet if you slumped T-Mobile and Sprint together as one network, you’d still have less coverage than either of the big two, seeing how T-Mobile is focusing primarily on major metropolitan areas and almost nowhere else.
              TL;DR: If Sprint’s coverage is a “joke”, then T-Mobile’s must be the ultimate joke. It’s widely known Sprint has more coverage than T-Mobile.

              And we’re talking only about a Sprint/T-Mobile merger, which has virtually nothing to do with AT&T or Verizon.

              “I would never go to sprint even if it were the last option on earth.” Really? How self centered/self important are you? Some service is better than none. What a childish viewpoint.

            • ShapesBlue

              Yes really. Sprints network is a laugh. I compared all the networks before making an informed decision and clearly Sprints network is a laugh. It looks like a deformed version of a map. In rural areas it’s pointless to have them because you wouldn’t have a signal at all. Enjoy your sprint network I will stick to a solid network personally

  • Shon

    N0…hell no …we dont need sprint draging us down with there slow ass …sprints network is slow …there slow at putting up lte there slow with updates and there always the last to announce new devices (note 3)…i just dont like sprint ….but if we were in a sink or swim situation I guess we would have no choice

  • LinuxNick

    Kill it with fire. T-Mobile is fine on its own. They have a ton of spectrum (and more to come with 600MHz), a network that is actually fast even in highly trafficked areas, and perfect plans. They don’t need Sprint bringing a fuck-ton of data hog customers onto their network.

  • Timothy Anderson

    Who would run it, John Legere? Sprint is the larger company, but I think they would John Legere.