myTouch4G May be the New Name

T-Mobile myTouch 4G

Rumors are filling blogging sites and water coolers about the possible new name for the T-Mobile myTouch, otherwise also named “myTouchHD”. Sources are confident that the new official name will be the T-Mobile “myTouch4G“.

Until we get an official statement from T-Mobile however, we’ll still call this unofficial.

What do you think of the name “myTouch4G”?

[via TmoNews]

  • Kittie

    I might be wrong in saying this but, I thought T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network was just an Advanced 3G Network with 4G “LIKE” Speeds?
    If so, what sense does it have in calling it myTouch4G when it’s not really 4G?

  • Masai

    They can always say the 4g stands for the 4th generation of MyTouch devices.

  • Smendress

    T-mobile doesn’t have 4G, it has a a faster HSPA+ giving T-mobile double the speeds of current 4G… This article is Bunk!!!

  • Jesse Bauer

    FYI, the article does not state that T-Mobile has 4G, it states the possible new name of the new myTouch. :)

    agreed 4G isnt an appropriate name for a device that isn’t on a 4G network. Does that mean T-Mobile is looking into true 4G?
    we’ll see…

  • Nedjo

    well if this device can get you speeds higher than “official” 4G – WiMAX, then I don’t see the reason why it shouldn’t be called 4G?!