Samsung announces new advanced pixel technology for smartphones and tablets called ISOCELL


Samsung Electronics just announced ISOCELL, which is a new advanced pixel technology that will improve image quality on smartphones and tablets. When it comes to image quality, it’s all about the light. This new technology increases light sensitivity and controls the absorption of electrons, which yields higher color fidelity even in poor lighting conditions.

As manufacturers continue to increase camera resolution and image quality without growing the camera size, the pixels continue to shrink. The emphasis has been on improving light absorption of each pixel by shifting pixel technology from Front Side Illumination (FSI) to Back Side Illumination (BSI). Unfortunately, as pixels continue to shrink, BSI technology faces limitations.

This is where ISOCELL comes in. It forms a physical barrier between neighboring pixels, which allows more photons to be collected and absorbed into the correct pixel’s photodiode, thus eliminating crosstalk. Compared to previous BSI pixels, ISOCELL pixels decrease crosstalk by approximately 30% and yields a greater dynamic range.

Sounds pretty cool. No word on when we will see this new technology, but for more information hit up the source link below.

source: Samsung