Samsung’s 64-bit Exynos processor nearing final development


Whether or not Android 4.4 Kit Kat will support 64-bit processing, hardware manufacturers like Samsung are preparing for it regardless. After Apple’s iPhone 5S was announced to make use of it, a Samsung executive explained that their next round of devices will support 64-bit processing. Now a Korean media source is reporting that Samsung is almost finished developing a 64-bit Exynos processor. While this new processor is expected to be packed into a future device like the Galaxy S5, it is also believed that Samsung’s tablets will be powered by it as well.

The next Exynos processor is expected to remain with eight cores; however, four of them will be high-performance Cortex-A57 cores and the remaining four will be energy-efficient Cortex-A53 cores . This would give Samsung true eight-core processing, unlike the Moto X’s take on eight cores. Markets around Asia can likely find these devices beginning next year while the United States waits for its first phone with an Exynos processor.

Source: Daum (Korean)
Via: SamMobile

  • Kary

    Wow, amazing they did so much development after only learning that 64 bits was possible a week ago! /sarc

    Seriously, I don’t see the hardware waiting for the software. As I recall, there were 32 bit Pentiums before 32 bit Windows, and 64 bit CPUs (Intel and AMD) before 64 bit Windows.