Android 4.4 Kit Kat SMS and phone app leaked; What do you think of the new color scheme?


With Android 4.4  Kit Kat being all the rave at the moment, leaks seem to be coming in regularly. Today, KitKat’s proposed messaging and phone app have leaked and right off that bat you can see that Google has changed the color scheme of Android up a bit as compared to ICS’s and JB’s blue/grey hue. I for one like the new look and the screenshots indicate that the status bar also changes color in conjunction with what app you’re currently on. Definitely a nice touch in my opinion.


So what do you guys think of the latest KitKat leaks? Yay, or nay?

source: 9to5Google

  • durhampolska

    Wow looks really different

  • Bonedatt

    Looks good. Of-course this would not matter to anyone who uses an OEM that loves to provide their own custom UI.

  • Chethan Rao

    And this is why we buy a Nexus. Delicious!

  • pandav


  • nope


  • Swezlo


  • siloe

    Looks funny and that is what I totaly do need need on my phone.

  • Biffy Potatoes

    Status bar changing colour stolen from HTC Sense. Google are just apple and Samsung in different outfit. Circle reminds me of the new ios

    • 1ceb0x

      Oh really? PARANOID ANDROID does that shiz from waaaaaaaaay back :). So no, HTC SENSE was not the first one to do it.

    • Tom

      The new ios reminds me of Android.

  • Stanglifemike

    I like it!

  • William Larsson

    WHOA!! that looks awesome!

  • Clay Ginn

    Messaging app hard to tell with nothing in it but looks good so far. The phone app I am not a fan. I like a little darker skin . The bright white is to much for me. The best thing about android is, I don’t have to like it. There is an app or a great Dev that can change it or MOD it.

  • Brad

    That looks ugly. I might leave my Nexus on jelly bean. At least AOKP will let me do away with this. It would be nice if I didn’t have to install a custom rom to get options but not yet.

  • collinpage

    Simple colour themes built into stock.. yes please

  • Zeus

    I just want sms/hangouts to become one .

  • martin carlosena

    99% fake. You guys are easily fooled lol

  • rich_bown

    I prefer the darker holo look myself. Would be great if kit kat allowed users to choose their own colour schemes like many 3rd party apps do!

  • LLcdPH

    Prefer the darker look. And isn’t “black” supposed to be better on battery life?

    • Jan Polášek

      Only on OLED displays. On LCS’s, white is actually a little bit better (but the difference in power consumption is about 3%)

  • martin carlosena

    This is just a theme, everything is in the exact same place. I do t buy this for a second. I hope I’m right because this looks terrible to me

  • Rama Singh

    Waiting for Kitkat, the color scheme looks great, I like it. Forget Jellybean and Ice. All are waiting for the launch of this version of Android.

  • Kkr

    Hey Indians, stop dreaming. Get jelly bean update first.

  • Oli72

    I’m in like Flynn.

  • tajta

    it looks like a theme of the themer app