Galaxy Note 3 confirmed to use PenTile pixel arrangement, holds massive power-saving advantages

Galaxy Note 3 white

It was previously rumored (and widely believed) that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 uses a PenTile pixel arrangement on its Super AMOLED display. Today, Samsung confirmed those rumors. It’s great news— yes, many will argue that the difference in resolution is too small to tell. However, the PenTile matrix holds a significant power-saving advantage over the alternative RGB display.

Source: SamMobile


  • Valter Nascimento

    and what about gorilla glass? It’s there for protection?? Nobody mentioned it, and it matters!!!

    • likemystory

      Gorilla is only a brand the majority of high end Android devices have similar screen glass of 1 brand or another.

  • GraveUypo

    if they want to save power, why do they put a 1080p screen in the first place?

    • Gustin T.

      Because 1080p took priority as one of the improvements they wanted to implement on this next iteration of the Note series. So of course utilizing a pentile matrix would HELP alleviate battery consumption. You’re asking the wrong question, mate.

      • Bleakvision

        It is not an improvement at all. It has exactly the same number of subpixels as the Note 2, but over a larger area (5.7″).

        What a cheap move by Samsung.

        • das

          AMOLED costs more to make than LCD ,your assertion and opinions are the only things cheap here

          • Bleakvision

            I did compare it to another Samoled panel by Samsung. Read my comment properly before getting agitated.

            • das

              diamond pixel arrangement is a higher density and thus costs more regardless of the amount of overall pixels ,if this wasn’t true ,then why does note 3 display looks tonnes better than note 2 .new tech = costs more ,diamond subpixels = costs more

  • dheeraj