Google Drive app gets updated with lighter Holo UI and several new features


Google’s Drive app is starting to see an update (in the form of staged rollouts, of course) with “bug fixes and improvements.” Fortunately, those improvements actually mean something more than a bunch of under-the-hood tweaks that you may or may not notice.

First up is a tweaked Holo interface. It’s nothing major, but several aspects of the UI in the application have been made lighter to fit in with Google’s card-styled interface. The slide out navigation drawer is the most apparent aspect of the design to get this tweaked treatment. There are also a handful of new features, such as being able to pull down the list of your files to refresh it, a create bar at the bottom of the app for quickly creating new documents or uploading files, and a bunch of new tools for viewing and editing spreadsheets. Google has added in a Pause button to replace the Stop button when syncing files and a new filter to use when scanning in images specifically for colored drawings. If you’re the artistic type and like storing your work on Drive, that should be a handy feature for you.

You should start seeing the update go live for you over the next few days, but if you can’t wait, hit the download links below.

source: Android Police

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

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  • Stan Wilder

    I use dropbox, because drive doesn’t have the 1 feature i use most: Automagicaly syncing all the photos and video i take with my phone to it.
    Sure you can use g+ and sync it to picassa, but managing them once they are on g+ is a pain. They don’t even show up in drive. I just want to be able to drag and drop the photos out in bulk like dropbox lets me.