Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch unofficially outed ahead of September 4th launch



Yes ladies and gentlemen— the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been leaked for your viewing pleasure, giving the masses an idea of what to expect ahead of the major launch(es) in Berlin and New York City. Thanks to the above photos obtained by sources associated with the fine folks at Venture Beat, we can at the very least see the smartwatch loosely resembles Sammy’s Galaxy series of smartphones— except it is molded into a seriously compact profile and houses a sweet OLED display that comes in somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 or 3 inches. Additionally, it is reported the device features built-in Wi-Fi, a 4MP camera, S Voice, a dual-core processor, some health-related goodies like a heartrate monitor or tracking your calorie intake, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and oh yes— Android 4.3 fired up on-board.

Now before you make your final judgement on the final design of the device, it is important to know that what you see above may not be the final product. The gang at GigaOM indicates that the images obtained by Venture Beat reflect prototypes that other developers have already been able to get their hands on and enjoy— so there’s a chance that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch you see above won’t be the one you see come September 4th. Whatever the final product looks like, let’s hope it will have better battery life than what we’re suspecting at the moment. Fortunately, we’re only a few days away before we see the final product and you can bet that we’ll be on-hand to give you all the coverage and deets once the formal launch is here.

source: GigaOM | Venture Beat

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